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Makeup Removal Gel

3 kinds effect: Cleansing, Unloading & Moisturizing. ***No more tears when remover ***Chamomile relieves skin's heavy pressure ***Damascus rose with full range of skin care. *** Dry cleaning cleansing with light massage and can sufficiently washed with water *** Then rinse or tissue remover.

CC Cushion Compact

CC Cream Compact with SPF20 ** A special cushion-type CC with good effect for Whitening +Moisture + Sunscreen + Pore tightening + Perfect Coverage + Makeup ** The air puff in the cushion contains air bubbles for transparent & luminous makeup.

Tahiti Gardenia Hair Rinse

Tahiti Gardenia Hair Rinse It's mainly ingredients are coconut oil, Gardenia Tahitensis flower Jojoba oil can let the capillary adhesion decreased with time, while with mineral oil it did not. It's observed that application of heat further reduced capillary adhesion for coconut and sunflower oils.