Organic Alchemilla Facial Mask with EU-ECOCERT

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Organic Alchemilla Facial Mask, 1 set contains: @25ml x 5pcs + 15ml Rerum Dropper in a box. The Serum Dropper is facilitating people has not enough time to have facial mask.

The Organic Certification from the EU-ECOCERT

The Swiss organic nanometer glacial water through nanometer liposmal technology can
enhance the permeability of the water to the skin and provide long lasting moisturizing effect.
**Strong compatibility with skin.
**Enhance the smoothness of skin and make the skin plump.
**The natural sources are certified by EU.

Organic Rose Facial Mask with a good base, but also to use the product as a highly conductive medium. Apply the mask the use of thermal conductivity between the skin and the formation of pores and let absorb essence, opposed the choice of the paper is very import.

Pure natural wood pulp paper.
Wood pulp paper with a super water-lock, can quickly absorb the essence and adequate reaction water retention than conventional non-woven mask relatively higher than 1.5 times, skin care is no longer a superficial charm.

The effect of Organic Alchemilla Facial Mask is for "Replenish & Moisture".

1 set contains @25ml/pc x 5pcs + 1pc of 15ml serum dropper in box.

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