Super Thin, Press Liquid Eyeliner Pen with multi-nations patents

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#P27 Super thin Press liquid eyeliner pen with multi-nations patents

1. Technical applicator, soft, elasticity, no break nor split.
2. Open by consumer, ensure it's not been dried before opening.
3. Waterproof, Anti-smuged, Anti-oil and very smoothly.
4. Extremely Black color.

5. With multi-nations patents, such as: Taiwan, China, Japan, USA & Italy.
6.  Extremely thin brush 0.05 mm
7. Filling capacity: 0.8 ml, test by machine for drawing line, can be length for 300 Meter
8. It's designed by "ink" in cartridge with ball for user to open seal protecting dry and
no contamination.
9. Plus the forced press key can be used to provide the last drop of ink.

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